The Landscape

Between land and sea

The enchanting Borgo (small town) of Bolgheri is 3 Kilometers from the villa, it´s definitely worth visiting. As well as the impressive Viale dei Cipressi (Boulevard of Cypresses), a unique place that has been mentioned by the poet Giosuè Carducci. The nature reserve is also amazing, it´s located on the tyrrhenian coast and its intense green pine forests blend with the deep blue of the sea, creating a splendid scenery. Here we are right in the middle of the Maremma Livornese, in the so called Costa degli Etruschi.
The town of Castagneto Carducci is also worth visiting, it is known especially for its waterfront facilities and its beaches, which have been awarded multiple times with the prestigious blue flag. The area of Castagneto Carducci is part of the Costa degli Etruschi and it is rich in history and with many sites of archeological interest, such as the enormous etruscan archeological park of Baratti-Populonia and numerous museums, with plenty of artefacts from the etruscans, romans and the villanovian culture, in Rosignano Marittimo, Cecina and Piombino.
The archeomineral park of San Silvestro, near Venturina, is particularly interesting, a veritable open-air museum, where we can rediscover the stages of metal extraction, from the etruscan era to the middle ages, with guided tours.
The coastal area surrounding Castagneto Carducci has been awarded with the blue flag by the European Union. Here the water is limpid, with colours ranging from emerald green to deep blue.


Bibbona is a typical tuscan village, surrounded by its marvellous countryside, with impressive views that reach the coastline, which is only 5 kilometers away.
This magical place is the perfect destination for those who wish to spend their holiday in a natural environment.
It features a tipical medieval village, of etruscan origins, with narrow alleys, steps and arches. It is located conveniently, close to the charming villages in the hills of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci.
In the small historical center of Bibbona there´s the castle of Bibbona, enclosed by steep walls and the church of Sant´Ilario, one of the few romanesque churches of the area. It was built in 1175 and expanded in the following centuries. Inside there is a holy water font made of marble and 16th century paintings, including a depiction of Sant´Ilario and San Bartolomeo.

The surroundings

Villa Via Bolgherese - Bolgheri


An ancient village, dominated by che Gherardesca Castle. Make sure to visit the Boulevard of Cypresses, it is considered to be Italy´s most famous boulevard, thanks to Giosuè Carducci´s poems.

Villa Via Bolgherese - Macchia della Magona

Macchia della Magona

This landscape features beautiful forests and the tipical mediterrannean Macchia, inhabited by deer, squirrels, foxes and several migratory birds. There are many paths that can visited on foot, riding a horse or on a mountain bike.

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Villa Via Bolgherese - Parco archeo–minerario di San Silvestro

Parco archeo–minerario di San Silvestro

A veritable open-air museum, where we can rediscover the stages of metal extraction, from the etruscan era to the middle ages, with guided tours.

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Villa Via Bolgherese - Costa degli Etruschi

Costa degli Etruschi

A coastline with an intense landscape and vivid colours, with beautiful and unique beaches and traces of thousands of years of history.

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Villa Via Bolgherese - Oasi dunale Fossa Camilla

Oasi dunale Fossa Camilla

This area has the goal of protecting the spontaneous foredune vegetation, the first line of defense against coastal erosion, it is also the perfect breeding environment for the Kentish Plover (Fratino), a shorebird.

Villa Via Bolgherese - Parco archeologico Baratti-Populonia

Parco archeologico Baratti-Populonia

The park includes large parts of the ancient city of Populonia, the only known etruscan coastal settlement. There are archeological and naturalistic itineraries.

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