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The wonders of the Costa degli Etruschi

Villa Via Bolgherese is the ideal starting point to discover and appreciate the beauty of the Costa degli Etruschi, shaped by a rich history.
A coastline with an intense landscape and vivid colours, with beautiful and unique beaches, equipped with amenities or isolated, with sand that can be dark or bright with fine grain.

The coastal area of San Vincenzo is just perfect for children, such as the beach of Rimigliano, with its clear waters and its wide beaches of soft sand, protected by a beautiful pine forest.

Going further south, there is the gulf of Baratti and its moonshaped bay, with its unique beach of fine grain sand and a marvellous pine forest that stretches to the shore, an ideal retreat during the hottest time of the day. The sea is deep blue and it slowly gets deeper.

Villa Via Bolgherese - Baratti
Villa Via Bolgherese -  Spiaggia di Rimigliano
Villa Via Bolgherese - Buca delle Fate
Villa Via Bolgherese -  Cala Violina

Hidden in the gulf, Buca delle Fate (The fairy cave) is a delightful discovery, a quiet little bay, ideal for snorkeling.

The famous Cala Violina is also nearby, between Follonica and Punta Ala, within the nature reserve of Bandite di Scarlino. Fine quartz sand, a sea that´s crystal clear and limpid all year round. It is named after its unique sand, which will make you feel the "sound of a violin".

Dog-friendly beaches

Along the coastline there are numerous, dedicated, pet friendly beaches where you can easily spend the day with your dog.

Marina di Bibbona offers an equipped dog-friendly beach with several amenities, such as a water bowl under your umbrella, an enclosed dog area and an agility course.

Near the Spiaggia dei Tomboli, close to Cecina, there is a small beach where dogs can be kept without a leash.

Villa Via Bolgherese - Bau Beach
Villa Via Bolgherese - Bau Beach