Bibbona is surrounded by extensive countryside and offers sweeping panoramic views of the coastline. At this destination you will experience a holiday in direct contact with nature.
The typical medieval village of Bibbona, characterized by narrow streets, steps and arches that take us back in time, is located a few kilometers from the sea, surrounded by the characteristic mountain villages Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci.

The village has ancient Etruscan origins. At the entrance there is a church from the 14th century. The church of Santa Maria della Pietà. It seems that the designers were Ranieri Tripalle and Vittorio Ghiberti, but Leonardo da Vinci also helped in the design of the church.

In the small village of Bibbona we find the walled castle of Bibbona and the Pieve di Sant’Ilario, witnessed since 1175 and extended in the following centuries, one of the few Romanesque churches that has survived in this area since they survived much of the wars and raids of the Saracen pirates were exploited. Inside is a marble stoup and some paintings from the 16th century, including a canvas with Sant’Ilario and San Bartolomeo.

In the surrounding countryside we find the Macchia della Magona of Bibbona, which consists of beautiful forests that stretch over 1635 hectares and was classified as a habitat by the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. They consist of the typical Mediterranean macchia, fragrant flowers and numerous mushrooms of various kinds. The forests of the Magona are inhabited by a rich fauna, and when crossing it you can see various animals, such as deer, fallow deer, squirrels, foxes and various migratory birds. Inside the forest is a biogenetic nature reserve with an experimental arboretum of typical Mediterranean plants owned by the state, including pines, cypresses and cedars. Within the maquis there are 16 different routes that can be used on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike. They consist of footpaths and forest roads, well marked from start to finish by the signs and clearly marked on the map of Macchia della Magona (for sale for 1,50 euros at the Tourist Office): the routes completely immersed in the cool Dipped in green are rich in viewpoints from which the view of the coast stretches. You can also discover numerous charcoal kilns that were used in the past, as macchia was an important wood reserve for the ironworks La Magona di Cecina, after which it was named. The macchia also contains the remains of the Torre della Mirandola, which according to the ancient legend was inhabited by the knight Agilulfo, the abductor of the lord of Bibbona. In summer, guided tours of the Macchia della Magona are organized on foot or by bike by the municipality of Bibbona.


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